Meet the Animals  


All of the mobile petting farm animals live on a small holding in Ashbourne, and are cared for by Nathan.

“We always take great care when moving animals, it’s very important that they are happy when we are taking them to an event”

Find out about some of our animals before you see them on the mini farm.


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All of our animals are very well practiced, and used to meeting children and adults. Before we take any animals out on an event, we make sure that they go through a training
programme on our farm. This includes, re-creating an event where there is noise, music and lots of activity. This important to make sure that they are happy, and understand that this
enviroment is of no threat to them. Often most events are very quite anyway, but its always
best to make sure that they animals are well prepared and happy. Our animals are very important to us, and so are our customers. If our animals are healthy and happy, our customers
will get a greater experience. Animal welfare is very important to The Animal Company . You can see what type of work we get involved in


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